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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 8, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> she has walked every street in every borough, 6048 miles. >> every section of new york is a story. >> later it turns into a four-year challenge. resulting in this book. >> i don't let in time get away from me, when ir thi walksng but i'm walksng in the streets, grab them. >> behind all the glitz and glamour of this year's s. america america pageant you will find the world's largest pipe organ. so we are are inse e the organ right now. >> about ready to roll. >> fisher creative design installed and opened it up to the public. they already have have a desired effect. >> oh my god. >> it's coming to an end and you can still head out and check out new york citchas it has a lot to offer.
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>> this is jordan am i right? >> is racown away by how mstilht has changed and devastate from super storm sandy, as ir thi walawing ttauough their i see things thriving, not according to a national preservation organization called the national trust for historic prehistoric, they're focused on the destagecting down there. there's a list of 11 places that are national historic sites in the country that are actuall hist3 endangered. the architectural, cultural and natural heritage are at risk of destagectiovitf at the center of this contribution is his cor-geration that is rebnd tlding the whole waterfront but there. i met up with the man dowack3 there. >> this is a commercpol area, it always has been,. >> he took me on a tour of the
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area, i saw things i de ton't kw existed. >> its stock, it's gorgeots.. we have a lot of pis hple come n here for receptions, weddings, birthday parties. >> i can't resist. >> right there is the very center of the financial world and really the whole world. >> all of the trade came into the sport, right behind us the stoep>> iter horn bnd tlding was original world trade center. >> the unveiled plans to build a as i sway out here on the dark on the east river i am rory.indd of the fish market which is also
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swaying and about to fall down. part of the prese hiation sgedit argument is that they have to tear that down to build the new lu3 ry bnd tlding for the howard istghes cor-geration plans to pt up here which is 300 million in puracic acts which is at schooti >> did they mention the mafia, dogfighting, the thingsk the things that go on out there. is it new york, where you build it bigger. >> i i think it's great and thinksng outside the box. think the need to refocus their effortsk on that same list as the grand canyon. putting this up there with the grand canyon i don't know if i understand. >> 6048 miles, you think miles, you think your tir, 6 meet this guy. >> this is a landmark of a historic building. >> he has walked every street in every borough. >> every corner of new york is a story.
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>> it bealan, it was a creation, we didn't have any money, it was upon experience. >> later it tuexted into a four-year challenge. ultimately resulting in this boowe >> yet to do it in the morning, evening, weekend, weekend, during the week, the summer, winter, thinic changes. >> just to be clear he doesn't just walk the walk. >> who is this gs >> he talaws the talk. >> i don't let anybody get away from m, 6 if ir thi walksng on e street i jts.t grab them, before they know what they're in the inte hiiee toi >> it's rcing above and the glitz in the glam. he sees people of every corner of the area. >> the big walk may be over but he's not done yet. he is is now working on the second book, this time it will be a complete tour guide of just brooklyn. it's a lot of walksng.
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>> it comes from here and genuinely enjoying what you're doing. so ir thi ggling to keep dgling. >> you don't need to impress people, you don't need to aoot f that stuff. >> tell me are your feet up for the walk, tweet your answess i chasing neeak and tweet me. >> hi everyone, i'm in front of boardwalk hall in atlantic city home of this yeaboas ms. america pageant. behind all behind all of the glitz and glas competition you will find a hidden gem here in atlantic city. the la3 oe pipe o3 oan. >> it's about 150 pounds, 57 trailers full of equipment. so we are inse toe the o3 oan right noe toi
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so i can say i walked with you inside the organ. >> it is the world's largest instagement. >> that's incredible. >> this is the world's largest organ it is a tourist attraction here. >> stephen is the organist and dicl of outreach here and he loves the organ since childhood. >> i remember the first time i played a pme ae o3 oan, six yeass old. it was paris church when i was attendineas >> today he has a dgedtoral degree in organ performance. >> there is something fascinating about the dle sound, the complexity of the sound. >> if you want to hear for yourself, you can do so for free. weekdays from may to october you can get a free recital into her at new, all year-round there's an extended free to her starting at ten am a.m. on wednesdays for two full hours. >> only about 25% of the organ is functional.
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the historic restoration committee is two years into a ten year, $16 million camkerign with the ge ofl to make the orgn fully functional by 2023. if you want to donat, 6 visit or call the website. the reinvestment authority will match up to $1 million in donationwalk hfor all my all my updates, follow me on twitter. >> i am mark and i brought you the story about the habitat for humanity who developed the house. >> ttauee bedrooms. >> that's not the only thing the charity does. they are set up to help low income and needing pis hple recover from hurricane sanity. >> are you homis hwnersk from te bank i came up to ha,p you gs
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>> it's very hard, the situation with my wer every day thinic . we hear from the old schools and we don't like dle anybody. >> these two have lived in this area for 22 years, witnessed dozens of stores but nisshing as bad as hurricane sandy. >> so mike and i wanted to calm out, gd thee a ha,ping hand hand with one of their volunteer projects. >> lanite they say when somethig like this happens, american people come together. so what we are ggling to. >> what we3 pre ggling to do today is rip out some old windows, put new ones ivitf >> uin thuntil the end of 2012 coastal habitat only bit homes for low-income families. that all changed after hurricane vitndy came through. now they ae
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working to get people back to thersr homes. >> the last three last two years all the folks at coastal have done to complete rebnd tld of damaged homes, ten major rehabilitations, 28 others. >> loo. soat the craftsmanshme a at the coastal habitat for humanity >> they have been here even longer than frank and anna have lived will have them back in the last is [inaudctole] >> it's good work, hard work, there's a few nicked up here and there but it feels awesome. for some of his not very handy,.
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>> wiggle it, don't be be afraid of imani >> i de to the window on the rit >> i want to say the one on the left because it looap naniteter with the paper, the paper on the right is all over the place. >> want to ha,p out, go to coastal and you can donate money or volunteer time acqnd tgrabed. >shwill be glad you did, trust me. >> not bad at all. >> there is long banitech islani am walking the length and there's no better place to start than right her, 6 on top of the world mom.
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>> another day of the life of being a chasecl we rle different, because when it comes down to its, isecs niss jts.t at
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm.
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get to a better state.
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>> so there it is, long beach island. the link today there's no better place to start than right here the top, or maybe thasecs niss such a hiss ide.m you ta,l me. 216 to go, not what i had in mind. >> t> of the world mom. i can't fit my fat hanited throh
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the bars but you can take a loy bi. >> on the way down you run into people and have task, why are you doing this question work. >> i don't lanite hersghcan have to set a good example. >> how to deal with it youonattt i >> it's just like any amusement park ride of ever gone on. i know rationally isecs okay but flight instincts. >> so i got my walk starting with ais >> h3 march. thank you guys, i appreciate it, holy mackerel let'sp.eep a more horizontal from here on out. >> so from the white house anyway you can go is down, hoy bied on around the point people are doing a little little fitilinarea be ofcan forth. i had down broadway. it's super hot. you idow it isecs time for?
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so idy, with chasing news, do yu mind if i come first women your -geolr g3 , are you seriots.. that's good, like a when he walked on this island there's nothing begraber than swimming d other people's pools. i can't get enough of it. thertics so many pis hple in nk on nothing like a pool hop espee aally in hiss day. but er pool, your so minute piece of
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engineerinarea you canonatts.t a whole around here. >> apsley not. >> how does it work. >> wa,l they have to do this before they put the pool and,. >> what are they require thamani >> so er we don't have swimming pools floating down the island. >> that seems to make sense, so does a road away. >> so your tide in. >> idy, ranitelly rigad i had k down here i hope i made others as nice as you. >> alright so i cheated, i came all the way down to the south end of the island because people would not laniteve me alone. they all hit me up on twitter, if you haven't covered lbi, begraber yet, wing night.
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yorgacan get breaks jst in the morning, sandwich, salad, but most of all, aootbody on the soutidend of the i feand will tell you, its will tell you, it's wings man. a nothing but the winĂș b. it's the first time i've seen you. >> what's the secre are how do o yorgaget everybody in here like this. he said it's a quarter century the amount of worwe >> isecs amazing. >> what you come here. >> because i l >> you order what i will order how high can you get the wing. >> you can get them hiss. >> i want to get out of the kitchen before i get run over by busy pissed pis hple with hiss food. thanks a lot have a good time, we'll see you soon. >> is one pis hple stand by and
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vity this is worth it. then people go to the north end of the line they sr ooayou,pe> le on the beaches, we don't want things to do, we like it qnd tet. >> so north i feansee south isd take your pick, do your thing. whicidand of lbi do you go to. what are your favorite things to do, are you just going to wild was are youonatts.t ggling to wildwood isytead, hit me up on twitter on chasing hank or on chasing the neeak. >> fisher cranitetive design and branding on friday was something new and differenmani they have isytalled a ball pit and open it up to the public.
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sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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>> about ready to roll. >> fisher habanitetive design is doing something different, they've in galled a ball pit and > ened it up to the py there are ready having their desire to fight, isecs re toiculous. >> their plastic balls and there actually especially manus jctured. they don't make them in white for the company. >> is pretty good it's almost wortidtapreng a swim i ba yorgawant to go. >> it's kind of ridiculous.
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>> idy,onatammed in here tight >> aaniteth the ball, somis hne could step on me at any moment, i'm 3 bing to try to get out. it'sp.ind of werslr isecs like a weird cocoon. it's a childlike pleasurm and i thin. sothat was part of the point. >> it's just a great thing and that you can be isypired ter, der >> is it's hard to walk in, you have to be s ner careful niss to stle you have no idea who might be undernaniteth the surs jce. >> try to stand up and see how long it takes.
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>> one. in my mind i was about a nine counmani you hall however are young and healthy and can get much quicker. >> so it's niss badonatts.t know that it's on 455 broadway, give thr g a call to see if you can play the ball pit too. you might just learn something. >> there's mtear gent under the. >> the p> e countdown is on. >> we want to show him a good time. >> this sounds lanite aonatob. >> the guide for the finest pope mobile. >shdo you ever wonder what isecs like to be a racecar driver.
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>> copy and. >> day in the ler driverti >> next chasing news. this is a fox 29 news update. hi everyone i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. as we head into the overnight time frame, temperatures will fall into the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. you can see temperatures by 6am66 allentown as we move toward west chester right around 67 degrees. a lot of kids head back to school especially in the philadelphia public school system. we're looking at temperatures early tomorrow morning in the low 70s. how hot it gets at 4:00
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